Friday, 8 February 2013

Magi Character Song 01 [lyrics] / one step further / Alibaba

Track List:
1. Magic / Aladdin

2. one step further / Alibaba
3. ファナリス / Morgiana
4. Magic (Off Vocal Version)
5. one step further (Off Vocal Version)
6. ファナリス (Off Vocal Version)

CV : Yuki kaji

No matter what I did or where I went
Escaping was all I had in mind
Though I knew that there are things I must do
I always lost confidence at the end

Our mysterious encounter lead me
To feel like I could do anything

Forging ahead, forging ahead so that my path may be bright
You keep encouraging me
Though the goal may be far ahead
I want to fulfil the promise we made that day

Something feels different, something seems different
I lost my way and kept deceiving myself
Only now do I understand
That I let everything slide with a stupid smile

The time I spent with someone as honest as you
Is irreplaceable and gives me confidence and strength

Forging ahead, forging ahead, fearlessly taking one step forward
It’s all right, it’s all right, you keep assuring me
Though the progress is slow
I will overcome that day and change myself

Even if we’re separated by destiny
We share the same thought
That this is not the time to stand still!

Forging ahead, forging ahead without fear nor hesitation
Along with strength even more certain that before
Though the goal may be far ahead
I want to strive for the world I believed in that day

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